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We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis as a tool in most of our projects, sharing GIS and data files with our clients. We provide presentation-quality maps to clients and members of the public. GIS-related services include population estimates and forecasts, spatial analysis, thematic mapping, and GIS consulting. Some GIS clients include AgeWave, Inc., California State Department of Health, Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization, National Economic Development and Law Center, Port of Sacramento, and the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health.

GIS computer software is a powerful analytic tool for school enrollment planning and management. Specifically it can be used to:

  1. Understand enrollment changes over time
  2. Devise alternative attendance boundaries and trustee election areas
  3. Measure student yields
  4. Estimate enrollment impacts of new housing development
  5. Identify student flows between attendance areas
  6. Identify undocumented out-of-district students
  7. Analyze ethnic integration
  8. Provide presentation-quality maps to show school sites, attendance areas, school district boundaries, and other areas of interest.

We specialize in using GIS for many different purposes. We have developed innovative methods for analyzing client data. We also analyze and interpret the data for clients so that they will not get stacks of uninterpreted data tables. We provide interesting maps, charts, tables, and reports that are targeted to answer questions and resolve dilemmas facing the district. We are national leaders in school district enrollment analysis. With Lapkoff & Gobalet you get expertise, not just a software package.





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