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We are experienced public speakers on a number of demographic topics, including:

  • California Population Trends
  • National Demographic Trends
  • Local Demographic Trends
  • School District Demographic Trends.

Talks are customized to an organization’s needs, and can be quite specific, entertaining, and informative. Speeches can be augmented with PowerPoint presentations.

Recent Talks and Presentations

"California Demographic Trends," Dairy Council of California, Semi-annual Managerial Retreat, Special Presentation to Executives, June 2005

"Enrollment Forecasting," 18th Annual USC Demographic Workshop, May 2005

"Retiring Baby Boomers: Demographic Insights," 10th Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference (Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, University of California at Berkeley), 2005.  Listen to Dr. Gobalet's talk and view the accompanying PowerPoint.  (Dr. Gobalet's talk begins after a brief introduction, about 3 1/2 minutes into the recording.)

"The School Closure Crisis: A Challenge for Demographers," Population Association of America, Annual Conference, March 2005

"Demographics and the Future: Where Are Private Schools Going?" National Business Officers Association, February 2005

“California's Changing Demographics: How New Population Trends Can Affect Your District,” California School Board Association Annual Meeting, December 2004.  Listen to Dr. Lapkoff's address and view the accompanying PowerPoint.

“Demographic Trends in the Labor Market,”  Organization Resources Counselors, November 2004

“Affordable Housing and Education Forum: Demographic Perspectives,” East Bay Housing Organizations, June 2004

“Population Forecasts for a New Century,” 17th Annual USC Demographic Workshop, May 2004

“Pitfalls, Payoffs, and Population Politics,” Keynote, UC Irvine’s Program in Demographic and Social Analysis, 2003 Applied Demography Colloquium, October 2003

“How to Choose a Public School for your Child,” KLA-Tencor Employee Seminar, September 2003

“Striking a Balance Between Data Security and Use for Legitimate Research,” San Jose State University Chapter, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, March 2003

“How Balanced is California’s Growth?” 16th Annual USC Demographic Workshop, June 2003

"Growth Forecasts for California and Regions,” 15th Annual USC Demographic Workshop, May 2002

“California’s Children: Demographic Trends,” California Studies Association, February 2001

“How School Districts Use Demographic Analysis,” The Board of Education Weekly, February 2000

“Migration and School Enrollments,” Center for the New West, July 1999



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